PRO MEDIU expert team is interdependent team members each of whom possesses unique and expert-level knowledge, skills, and experience related to task performance, formerly known over the past 10 years as Environmental Pollution Prevention Office (EPPO).  

We have the credibility, expertise and experience to work for both with a central and local public authorities, proving consulting service for a wide variety of public and private clients in the Republic of Moldova and internationally.  

We collaborate with bilateral and international development agencies who trust our team’s expertise, values and motives in designing and appraising waste and chemical management technical assistance projects in Moldova, financed by GEF, QSP-SAICM, UNEP, UNDP, SlovakAid, and EU Programme, other multilateral funds.

Our experiences include managing complex project assignments the field of environmental pollution prevention, climate change, waste and chemicals management aiming to legal and policy development, institutional analysis, technology transfer, training needs analyses and capacity building of public institutions and private actors.