Anunț de angajare: Development of Terminal Evaluation for the project “Promoting good governance and building platforms on better coordination on sound management of chemicals and waste in the line with SAICM beyond 2020 in Moldova”

The objective of the terminal independent evaluation of SP project is to provide a neutral third party evaluation of project implementation, to identify project achievements and challenges, to measure project performance against objectives and to provide indications of achievement of the project objectives and tasks.

More particularly, the report shall seek the extent to which the present project has contributed to achievement of the overall project objective to further strengthen the institutional capacity towards governing the placement of chemicals on the market and improved enforcement of existing chemicals and waste legislation in country Republic of Moldova in the context of its aim for a sound management of chemicals all stages of their life-cycle and waste.

The evaluation will include a comprehensive literature review of documentation provided by the Project Team. The following documents are to be included:

  • Project background materials, including the project description, work plan and application to SP trust fund.
  • Progress of Monitoring of the project activities and outcomes, through contact with the project management and/or other relevant stakeholders, in order to regularly gather information and documentation on implementation of planned project activities, including meeting documents, reports and participants’ lists, developed public information and training materials, publication and other relevant reports.
  • General national chemicals management information status quo, including, existing relevant policies and legislation and reports of other relevant international and national projects.
  • Interviews and/or questionnaires to stakeholders involved in the project

Following the data collection and analysis of findings, the expert will submit a draft Terminal Evaluation Report in English. The format of the terminal evaluation report will follow the format provided in the ToR.

The potential evaluator must respond to following qualifications:

  • A professional background in relevant sciences;
  • At least 5 years of work experience in evaluating technical cooperation projects in the field of environment and preferable chemicals management;
  • Strong conceptual and methodological skills;
  • Possess the evaluations methods needed for specific analysis, including good governance and gender sensitive tools;
  • An extensive experience in interviewing, data processing;
  • Familiarity with the OECD/DAC evaluation quality standards;
  • Strong communication skills in English and Romanian

The expected workload of consultancy is 30-35 working days. Interested candidates must submit their CV in English and the financial offer before 1 July, 2024 to the following address: or

The terms of Reference are accessible on the following link